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I Was Going to Write Original Fiction About Fairies But I Now Have an Enby Necromancer Character in My Head SO CHANGE OF PLANS

Their both YA genre novels so sue me at least the fairies idea was meant to actively subvert most if not all the stereotypes of YA novels.

The fairie fiction has a Chinese teen girl as it’s protagonist - ace (& maybe aro) with awesome bottle red hair. I always imagined it as short but stylishly frizzy.

I had three fairies - two ‘boys’ one ‘girl’ and the boys set up the classic love triangle (Unseelie playing the mysterious dark haired bad boy and the Seelie playing the golden blonde good guy) because the fairies had been using the love triangle trope to sucker a lot of people in. And then the protag would smash that idea and the ‘girl’ would move in, see if it was because she was lesbian. And then protag would smash that too and all the fairies would clam the fuck down and be all “Oh well okay seducing isn’t gonna work let’s just hang and shit”.

And the protags best friend was black with really long natural dreds but I can’t remember their gender at all anymore. Seriously where they a girl? Where they fluid? Maybe a boy?? It is a mystery.

But then this necromancer fiction. I’d frame it as one of those usual “Protagonist gets powers, slowly brings friends into magical world, eventually everyone has some sort of power they combat the bad guys with” it’s a formula thingy I swear; it’s a trope.

And I was thinking - how can I use necromancy without falling into the “Rejecting the magic bl8hbl8h human sacrifice” trope and I just - healing of course. If necromancy is, instead, manipulating life force then healing counts. But if I made the protag (eventually) a healer then I ran into a few problems…

If it was a female protagonist, then I’ve fallen into the (generally misogynistic) trope of “Women are Healers [Caregivers, Lifegivers, Mothers]” (often paired with the “And Men are Warriors, Fighters, Hunters” trope. ANd I didn’t want that. But if I made them a male protag then I’ve given the world yet another male protagonist.


I get to avoid the pitfalls of the other options AND give minority representation. Epic win.

So yeah enby necromancer idea. Inspired heavily by “Hold Me Closer, Necromancer" by Lish McBride (an awesome book, I should really find it’s sequels and then read them) to the point where I have to really examine some ideas I’d like to use and make sure I’m not plagiarising.

Hm… when’s NaNoWriMo again??








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“what is homestuck?” my friend asks curiously

“this” i say, showing them this post

it’s back

guess who’s back
back again



I haven’t seen this post since the fandom’s reawakening, so I thought it was my duty as a Homestuck’s civilian to take this back.






Equius is a really underrated character, and when he is brought up it’s usually just for jokes about him needing towels or in conjunction with Nepeta.

But in reality he’s like this awesome mechanical genius who builds fully functional battle robots and working bionic arms for his friends; at the human equivalent of 13 self-taught over the internet. That’s only 13 years of experience, much of it spent as a grub or small child, no matter what your ageing headcanon, while being raised by a horse-cow-butler.

Plus he is literally the strength equivalent of Thor, his STRONGjump is literally insane.

Do you even lift?

^^^ this

also let me point out we’ve only just recently managed to create a prosthetic robotic arm that an deal cards and tie shoelaces


and don’t even get me started on aradiabot

Can I mention here that paralysis occurs from damage to the spinal cord. Which means that it’s not just that Tavros’s legs didn’t work, it’s that the nerves didn’t send signals to the muscles properly.

Meaning that Equius would not have just had to build him a pair of legs, but also extend wires to attach electrodes directly to his think pan. This is a thing that some of the best doctors in America have only been able to do in the last few years, with much less stable results.

Not to mention the fact that he was able to craft these things out of random shit they found on the meteor and make the sensors tiny enough that they would be completely inside his head, something humans have not done to my knowledge.

tl;dr Equius is also a professional fucking brain surgeon

equius is actually one of the best trolls if you give his character more than 0.02 seconds of thought

all this and also, despite the casteist shit he was raised to believe, when karkat — lowest of the low — ordered him to stop gamzee, he went, despite probably knowing he’d have trouble standing up to him. the kid had guts.

i kind of love equius a lot and wish more people would write fic about him where he’s more than a sweat joke or a d/s caricature…


If you like pina coladas…

tumblrfolk, we are so much more skilled than we think



one thing I want to say today relates to my current job. (As you guys know, I’ve left off working in science labs to work an office job in sci comm. My role is kind of … nebulous and involves a lot of “oh, Elodie can help you with that, she does weird stuff. Train Elodie on that.”)

Because it’s an office job, the mentality is for everyone to present their workflows as incredibly difficult and skilled, requiring a lot of training and experience to do properly. Which is fair enough! These skills are difficult!

"Elodie, today we are going to train you to use… A HIGHLY COMPLICATED AND DIFFICULT WEBSITE INTERFACE. You will need to take a lot of notes and pay careful attention, because it is extremely advanced. ARE YOU READY"

"… This is Wordpress."

"…No it isn’t! it says something different at the top. And it’s very complicated, it’s not something you can just know already."

"Nah son, don’t worry, it’s Wordpress. I mean, God knows I don’t blog much, but I can manage me a bit of Wordpress, it’s cool."

"No. You can’t. Don’t worry, it’s very difficult. Now sit still and be trained on how to upload a photo to Wordpress."

"All right."


"Elodie, do you think that you can MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA? It is INCREDIBLY HARD and may involve THE HASHTAGS"

"… I think I’ll manage."


"Elodie, can you put a HYPERLINK in a thing? Think about it before you answer."

"Is it like a BBCode kind of thing, with the boxy bracket things, or do you want it in HTML, with like angley bracket things?"

"It is a button that you press that says HYPERLINK."

"I can do this thing for you."


"Elodie, can you write a punchy summary that will make people want to click on a special link that says "read more" to read all of the text?"



"Elodie, this is how to use TAGS on CONTENT. TAGS on CONTENT are important because - because of THINGS. Things that are too arcane and mysterious for anyone below the level of Manager to know."

"Cool, I can tag stuff for you."


"Elodie, this is obviously a ridiculous question, but can you edit videos?"

"Not very well, and only if you want to make it look like there is sexual tension between characters from different forms of visual media, or perhaps to make a trailer for a fanfiction? Which is not necessarily a good use of my time and I’m not sure why I felt it was so cool to do to begin with…"


"Actually, upon further reflection: no. No. Nope. I can’t edit videos. They’re completely beyond me. Not in my wheelhouse. Hate videos. Hate them. No innate skill whatsoever."

"That’s what we thought"


"Elodie?! You can use PHOTOSHOP?!"

"Yeah, I mean, I usually just use Pixlr. It’s free, it’s online, it’s powerful, you don’t have to download anything…"

"but you are not a GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!"

"Er… no."

"Next you’ll be telling us you can MAKE AN ANIMATED PICTURE."

"I mean, I haven’t really done a lot of it since Livejournal, and they weren’t that good anyway, but yeah… I can do you reaction images."


"Yes. Definitely."


What I’m trying to say is: a lot of people talk a lot of crap about what we Millenials do on the Internet, because there is NO CAPITALISTIC VALUE in the screwing around we do with our friends. “Ughh why are you ALWAYS on the computer?” our parents whined.

"How did you make the text go all slanty like that?" our bosses wonder.

We have decades of experience in Photoshop. We know how to communicate; we can make people across the planet care about our problems. We know how to edit media to make two characters look like they’re having the sexual tensions. We can make people read our posts, follow us, share our content. We run and manage our own websites - and make them pretty. We moderate conversations, enforce commenting policies, manage compromises, lead battles, encourage peace, defend ourselves from attack, inspire others, and foster incredible levels of communication.

We produce our art. We advertise our art. We engage with others through our art. We accept constructive criticism and dismiss destructive trolling of our art. We improve our art. Our art gets better.

We narrate our stories.

All by ourselves. Our pretty blog backgrounds, custom-edited themes, tasteful graphics, punchy content, clever gifs, our snappy putdowns and smart-ass text posts, even our familiarity with fonts and composition - all of these skills we’ve casually accumulated for fun/approval are MINDBLOWING LEVELS OF COMPETENCE IN THE WORKFORCE.

When these skills are sold to you - when they’re packaged and marketed, and when you pay to consume them and have the Elders rate you on them - they are incredibly valuable. They are Media and Communications degrees. They are marketing internships. They are leadership workshops. They are graphics design modules. They are web design courses. They are programming courses. We are good at this shit; we have it nailed down.

You can’t put “fandom” or “blogging” on your CV, but you deserve to. You should get this credit. You should claim this power and authority.

Claim these skills. They are valuable. They are important.

Everything you have ever done is a part of your powerful makings.

I want to second what elodieunderglass has to say here, because it’s so true. You want to buff up your resume or your LinkedIn page? 

-if you know enough html to do <i>this is italic text</i>, then you understand HTML and can pretty much call yourself a Junior Developer

-if you ever wanted to customize your LJ or tumblr and copied someone’s CSS code and then went in and tweaked font color and added your own header image? You understand CSS and again, you can put Junior Developer in your LinkedIn title. 

-if you can use twitter and tumblr and put hashtags and regular tags on stuff, you’re a Social Media Manager. If you can get people to follow you and comment back, you have Demonstrated Social Media Efficacy.

-if you can use Photoshop (or Pixlr!) to make five million pictures of Natalie Dormer really pretty, you are a Photo Editor

-if you can migrate some of your Photoshop skills to InDesign, you are a Production Editor with demonstrable skills in Layout For Print Publications

-if you want to look even more impressive and pick up an easy job that mostly involves googling bits of code to copy and fuck around with, go play on CodeAcademy and get yourself qualified in not just HTML and CSS, but also JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and others. Again, this makes you a Software/Applications Developer.

The only reason you’re given the impression that these are jobs for really smart brogrammers with masters degrees in computer science is because scary jargon keeps people out. Look stuff up, and you’ll find out you already know a ton of this material. I promise you, you’re more qualified for tech/developer jobs than a lot of the people actually working at firms that focus on those kind of jobs. 


necromancer in training + his pets