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Just thought I’d offer up my thoughts/experiences regarding Emma Pillsbury’s approach to counselling.

Here’s the thing: school counsellors are actually pretty terrible. They’re there for literally two specific things: School bullying and work-related stress. For anything else not only are they out of their depth but they actually aren’t qualified to counsel on.

I know, when I went to my high school counsellor and got told “I’m not qualified to deal with that.” I was pretty shocked too. But apparently so. Some schools might have a more qualified counsellor or might have a counsellor willing to give it a shot, but a school counsellor only has to be qualified for bullying and work-related stress. I’m sure they get a crash course in related things like anorexia, bulimia and self-harm but ulitmately it all comes back to bullying and course-work stress.

So Emma Pillsbury may seem like an out-of-her depth counsellor but (especially within the dramatised world of Glee) she’s actually pretty average.

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